LDJ aka Lidge (Liam Price) is an up and coming Producer, Sound Engineer and DJ from the Midlands of The UK.

Taking a keen fondness of sounds of a Dark, Dirty, Trancey and/or Hard Hitting nature, Lidge likes to experiment with various different styles. 

Originally a drummer back in the days of being a long haired teenage Metal Head, eventually taking interests in more industrial sounding rock such as Nine Inch Nails, Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson it's no wonder he got into production and electronic music. 

His influences moved to the more experimental sounds of Aphex Twin and Square Pusher before finding a love for Hard Dance and Trance which inspired Lidge to take to the decks and in March 2006 acquired his first pair of vinyl decks. 

Despite taking to mixing like a duck to water Lidge's heart soon turned back to the art of writing and creating music, taking his hand to many different styles his true intention is to eventually go live. 

With a desire to go back to that feeling that first caught his heart with metal but now heavily into that punchy electronic sound, Breaks just seemed to be the answer for the next major musical focus Lidge is going to pursue.


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