Started DJing about 5 years ago, after a year of Djing, he got picked up to DJ on an internet radio station.

From that point this is where things picked up for him, and went on to DJ on two other stations and also manages a further four stations one of which was based in the United States.
He has always been around music and picked up a lot on his music influences by his dad who listened to artists like Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, Sex Pistols and AC-DC.
After these music influences, he went on down the road of loving his rock which he then went onto listening to artists like Blink 182, Slipknot, Dream Theater, Motor-Head and so forth.
He first got into the Drum And Bass scene round about the 1992-1993 era, when he used to go around in his Uncle's MG Metro.

He used to be heavily into Drum And Bass.

He has always had a passion for Drum And Bass but it wasn't until the year 2000, that he totally engrossed himself into mixing.

Mkg's The Dark Knight Vol 3 by Mkg on Mixcloud

Cloudcasts by Mkg on Mixcloud


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