(Aka Synchronome)
To start from the beginning would mean a trip back to those hazy days of 88’, being a sweaty raver at Biology, Sunrise, Astoria, Camden Palace, to DJ-ing in front of thirteen thousand raver's at World Party, having been involved with the scene from its birth, Trademark has well and truly come up through the ranks. 
His move onto the turntable’s came in 1990 when he was working at an Essex based recording studio with Bug Kann & the Plastic Jam and was the driving force behind the classic Made in 2 Minute, Illegal parties were rife and he had the tunes going back to the good old days of Acid House, DJ-ing seemed a logical step. Trademark’s first big time rave was at the Wonderland Arena, New Years Eve 1990. Bug Kann & the Plastic Jam were doing a live PA alongside Reel 2 Reel, whilst Dj’s Jumping Jack Frost, Ellis D & DJ Flex (producer to Randall / Mac II Recordings) were going to be performing. Under the disguise of Synchronome the night was a huge success and as a result he got the call to perform at the now legendary World Party raves throughout 91’ and 92’. 
93’ brought a brand new adventure, Los Angeles. During this time Trademark hooked up with MC Question Mark, who is now the leading MC in the US Drum n Bass Scene, with Trademark’s cutting edge Jungle / Drum n Bass sound and the rolling style of MC Question Mark, together they gained a reputation second to none, they are now regarded as part of the founding members of the Californian Drum n Bass scene.
On returning to the UK, Trademark set about getting back into the UK scene and was a regular at AWOL, Speed, Tempo, Movement and Metalheadz, whilst also setting up a DJ only record pool in order to aid the DJ’s back in the US in getting hold of vinyl. Having seen it at first hand he was the first to recognise the ever increasing American vinyl market, and as a result he built up a good working relationship with many of the top UK Dj’s and labels, one of which was the Metalheadz label where the late DJ Kemistry was always ready to offer experienced advice for the record pool and encouragement regarding the DJ-ing. Today that small record pool now supplies vinyl to DJ’s all over the world,www.trademarkrecords.co.uk
Having been established from the early days of the rave scene (and by the way, owning a record collection that most people could only dream of), we shouldn’t typecast Trademark into just a Drum n Bass DJ, far from it, yes he is a well known figure within the Drum n Bass community, his unique rolling sound has carried him all over the globe, but when it comes to a good tune, no matter the genre, you can bet your bottom dollar he’s got it. His love of the music, the scene and his unique ability to play eclectic sets covering a whole spectrum of dance music, Trademark has to be one of the most exciting DJ’s on the scene at the moment. His versatility to drop killer Drum n Bass right through to filthy House, Electro & Breaks sets has helped him gain a legion of fans ten times over. And, we haven’t even mentioned his now legendary old skool sets, just ask the ten’s of thousand’s of raver’s who have attended VW Action or Bugjam over the past several years.
To sum up Trademark, well we can only really describe him as one thing, an out and out DJ. His passion is to play music and to entertain, this drives him, he’s not in it for the fame and fortune, he’s in it because he loves it. It’s as easy as that. 
You can catch Trademark’s weekly Saturday radio show viahttp://www.roughtempo.com/live. And there is also the Trademark Records iTunes podcast via http://www.trademarkrecords.co.uk/ 
For further information and for bookings please contact:
T: + 44 (0)7818 032211 / E: mark@djtrademark.co.uk
Aim: trademarkhq / MSN: mark@djtrademark.co.uk
Trademark also represents Stussy (L.A.)
A Brief List of Events 
Wonderland, World Party, Orange, Virgin V Festival, Movement, Bar Knowledge, Breakdown, VW Action Events, Bug Jam Festival, USC Festival, Euphoria, Edition 38.
Jungle, Insomniak, Mr Bubble Returns, Culture Groove Massive, Family, Speed Raver, Science (Urb Magazine), Respect, The Viper Rooms, House of Blues, Progression, Koncrete Jungle (LA & NY)
Numerous Miami Winter Music Conference Parties 2001-2006
Misfits, Urban Kaos
New Zealand
Fu Bar
Performed with:

Fabio, Grooverider, Jumping Jack Frost, Nipper, Sasha, Carl Cox, Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, Colin Dale, Doc Martin, DJ Dan, Diesel Boy, Richie Hawtin, Jermey Healy, Alister Whitehead, Danny Breaks, Killa Kella, Plump DJ,s, Annie Nightingale, Ratpack, Richie Don, Dougal, DJ Vibes, Andy C, Randall, Kenny Ken, Goldie, DJ Hype, Fabio, Roni Size, Krust, Die, Joey Beltram, Ragga Twins, Paul ‘Trouble’ Anderson, Brian Gee, Jumping Jack Frost, Ed Rush & Optical, DJ SS…


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