HUSTLIN BEATS 2011!!!!!!

As we return for a brand new year Hustlin Beats returns with a brand new look, 2 brand new artists and a whole heap of releases scheduled for 2011!!!

2011 takes hustlin beats in to its tenth year with the main man himself mc fearless making this his 21st year in drum and bass!!!

To mark his 21st year in drum n bass we are pushing a full uk tour with a massive event planned to mark this occasion in the middle of this year!!!

Also later on this year will see the release of the Have No Fear Mc Fearless' album!!

Hustlin Beats are pleased to announce 2 new signings Certified Sickness & iLL Haze:

Certified Sickness

28 years old Producer/ DJ from Romford Essex. he has been listening to jungle/drum and bass since the age of 13, Certified has witnessed the changes through out the history of the jungle/drum n bass as well as following house & garage Scene.

He has a wide range of music variety which has helped him develop his production Skills and style.

Certified has been Djing for 12 years and producing for 4 years.

Currently working as part of the Higher Level family and recently signed to Hustlin Beats with 4 e.ps coming, an album deal and a e.p with Stormin & Swifta!!!

Later on in the year will also see him appear on cyntax error and will have remixs on double r records to follow as well as various other projects including a new house n electro venture under the name the funky brothers which is a co lab with good friend d kill and will have tunes on he's label ill pl8z!!!


ILL HAZE is made up of two co-producers ill phil and whitehaze from Chelmsford Essex.

Phil has been into producing for many years now and has gained his own style of production in various genres.

Alex on the other hand has been into the djing side of things for the last 5 years but since 2010 has started a production course and has put his mind to producing as well.

Influenced by all genres of music as long as it's good, they have started to develop their own sound but are still keeping variety in their production.

This has led to a number of tracks that have been catching people's ears over the year and has since got them signed to Hustlin Beats with 5 e.ps coming and an album deal!!!

So With a heavy release schedule set for the 2011 and with no fear to experiment with different genres things are looking up for ILL- HAZE

Keep it Hustlin!!

Hustlin Beats Receiving Is Support from Djs such as:

Brockie, Bailey, Blackmarket , Phantasy, Heist, Kane, Ryan Ruckus, Profile, Sly, Levela,

Uniques, Funky Flirt, Krucial, Alpha, Propz & Rowney, Pappa G, Cabin Fever, Reckless,

Dub Zero, Plus Many More

Watch out for the Ribshot E.P Available as a free download through

www.nu-urbanmusic.co.uk this is E.P is showcasing the talents of hustlins brand new signings Certified Sickness & ill Haze Check the release schedule below for more details on future hustlin releases!!

Hustlin Beats Release Schedule:

The RibShot (Free Download) E.P

Feat iLL Haze & Certified Sickness

Challenge - Certified Sickness

Ribshot - ill Haze

She Alive V.I.P - Certified Sickness

Creepin Unknown - ill Haze

Something Evil E.P - Certified Sickness

Something Evil - Certified Sickness

Messed Up - Certified Sickness

Modern pace - Certified Sickness

Pull that up - Certified Sickness

Process E.P - ill Haze

Process - ill Haze

Wrong turn - ill Haze

Flyby - ill Haze

Corruption - ill Haze

Big Bad Sound Remixes

Featuring ill Haze & Certified Sickness

Lightning 2011 Remix - ILL Haze Featuring Lady Bex

MC FEARLESS Have No Fear Album


Unstoppable - Dub Zero
To The Top - Connecta & Dnk
Boom Selector - Cabin Fever
Wicked n Tuff - Visionary
Enuff Lyrics - Pappa Gee
ill Haze - tbc
1234 - Dub Peddla
Pump Ur Fist - Complex
As We Keep On Raving - Certified Sickness
Gladiator - Heavy Hittahz
Dark Riddem - Reaperz
Scorpio Sting - Drastic Measures & Rev
Twist & Tight - Connecta & Dnk
4 Sheezy - Daze
Renegade - Vengeance
Crystal Clear - Dialogue
Hyper Hyper - Heavy Hittahz
Boom 2 - The Unseen
Take A Sip - 2 Deep
Digital era - tbc
The Assasin - Vengeance


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