Dubnostics began his love for underground music in his early days listening to Ragga, Ska, early Hip Hop and scratching.

He was a Breakdancer as well as a Graffiti artist.

With all sorts of hiphop and electro coming on to the market this reallyinspired him so he decided to buy a pair of turntables (belt drive lol) and dont laugh a rubbish tandy realistic mixer that had static on the faders. 
He then proceeded to learn cutting and scratching following in the style offlash,mantronix and the whole b,boy thing kicked off.
You would often find brace wondering around with a ghetto blaster and some taped up cardboard until he managed to get some lino.

Eventually he gave up cutting and scratching to start his music career in arock band playing guitar in the late 80's. 
Gigging at events around England such as Bradford Rio's, Rock City,

Sheffield Corporation,Beachcombers,Rock house Derby to name a few. 

After 5 to 8 years in the band he left due to work and family commitmentsand started producing in the comfort of his own home by setting up a studio which involved an 8 track tape recorder, a Roland 606 drum machine with a Yamaha Keyboard Synth and his classic Ibanez DT250 guitar he used in his former band. 
His studio progressed with new technology coming onto the market whichfound him an easier way of producing using computerized sequencers which managed to get him his first signing to Drum & Bass label Propaganda records.

Mick continues to write and produce this kind of style to this day as well as currently working with darkfire Dub on the dubstep/drumstep side of tings !!


Essential Clubbers is a non-profit organisation donations for our future progress is very much appreciated enjoy the music!!!!

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