Addicted to the wobble, BeatfreaK is known for his high energy fidget, electro and dubstep sets in which you will recognize his many influences ranging from Chicago house, hip-hop, disco and funk. 

Refusing to be defined by genre, he's also been known to throw down some breaks or even drum & bass.

 Music is my everything, it allows me to truly express myself in ways that words always seem to fail I consider it a privilege to be able to give back to an art that truely saved my life! 

 Residing in the live music capitol of the world, Austin, TX BeatfreaK has rocked hundreds of party's, afterparty's, raves and club venues all over Texas, held multiple club residencies and have had the honor of playing along with incredible talents such as Richard Humpty Vission, Josh the Funky One, Miles Dyson, DJ Shortee, Darren Afrika, Terry Mullan, AC Slater, Justin James, Rampage and Wonk just to name a few.

Co-owner of CrunktroniK Entertainment along with JT Skyy, and sponsor two highly successful annual events along with countless smaller events throughout the year in Austin. 

Also a proud member of the Underground Nation. 

Be on the lookout many big things coming in 2011 including Beatport releases and many big festival appearances!!

Several DJ mixes and tracks uploaded and available for free download @



You can also catch him. @ 

Every Friday @ 7pm CST Wut Da Funk?, hosted by BeatfreaK featuring guest DJ mixes from around the globe!





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