(Church Of Mixology/ Groovaz!)
Is rockin' in and out of Cologne (Artheater, Gebaeude9, Apropo, Gloria, Liquid Sky,
Koenigswasser, Kantine, Station Bar, Paeff, Filmhaus, 68elf, Stereo Wonderland, Todtalbar

(To name a few), Aachen (MuBu, AZ, Wild Rover, Malteserkeller, Maastricht, Vaals/NL, (Spuugh), Gent, Hasselt/ Belgium, Düsseldorf (Alma, Cahill), Essen (Baikonur, Capribar), 
Bielefeld, Bonn, Oldenburg and even Thailand and Malaysia for some gigs.
For almost 20 years on da turntables and about 30 years of making music he's developed a wide range style of funky, electronic, organic music.
As a guitar-, drum- and bassplayer in about 20 bands of also Punk & Rockbands as well as Funk, Ska, Reggae & Jazz.
So his style is also influenced a lot by handmade music.
Being singer in some bands also developed his feeling for vocal music and rap.
After last year involving in the movie-production of "Sonic Mirror" with Billy Cobham and

Mika Kaurismäki in his profession as a media designer, he started to produce own tracks, which are developing now and will soon be presented live. 
Lately he's forming a team with his Dj-Mate DAMNZK (Church Of Mixology) from Düsseldorf.
After their debut @ Hörbar/ Oberstdorf/ Allgäu in February 2010 they got enormous feedback with regular gigs in Cologne and Duesseldorf!
So stay tuned for more blastin' funk and deepest pounding breakz of S.KREAMA & DAMNZK!

Essential Clubbers is a non-profit organisation donations for our future progress is very much appreciated enjoy the music!!!!

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