Paul Quinton first gained success while at University in Huddersfield in the early 80’s, United Kingdom after being drawn in by the music being played in London on the radio by DJs such as Jeff Young and Robbie Vincent.

A heady mix of jazz, funk, soul and fusion that inspired. 

The only way to share that love for the music was through Djing. 

The legendary Tuesday night at the Lights Night Scene was the where it all kicked off. 

A massive midweek session rammed with music heads and students alike. 

From there, his success led to working as many as 5 nights week pumping out the fresh music from the UK and America.

With the rise of House music, and a new style came a new direction - exploring the fresh new vocal talent, deep rolling base lines and now some of the best dark and twisted electronica. 

A good reader of atmosphere on the dance floor has created some stunning nights, which has led to bookings around the world. 

Paul has played across the UK and abroad. 

Highlights include the Winter Music Conference in Miami, "On Hubert Street" along side Kerry Chandler, "Open House" in Paris on the Concorde Atlantique, "Rush" at the Folies Pigalli, and the Ministry of Sound in London.

Today his music taps into deep, soulful, tech, techno and progressive house. 

Basically, if it rolls and has that “feel”, that “energy” then it will work. 

Paul is now using his extensive knowledge in music to start a new career in production, teaming up with fellow DJ and producer Raoul French on his first release “Say You Will” which is forth coming on Manchester Underground Music, with more tracks in production pulling on Paul’s musical influences.

The “Beat Clinic” is Paul’s radio show broadcast across several stations worldwide with a large following. 

His show has been taken on tour and has showcased new DJs and vocal talent that include Lucy Hocknall with her resent releases on iMusic in the US and the amazing vocal talent that is Diana Waite. 

Paul can be heard on:, 9pm UK time , Friday weekly., 7pm UK time, Thursday fortnightly and, 10pm UK time, Wednesday weekly. 

Music from Aki Bergen, through to Miguel Migs, D Ramirez through to Barbara Tucker...

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