Dj Ronny Santana began his career in 1998, years in which his inclination to music is highlighted in the genre based on the trend Club House, Tech House, Minimal, Minimal, Techno, Techno, Progressive, Tribal House, Electro House, Dutch House, Funky House, Trance, among others, without forgetting their employees at private parties genres like salsa, Merengue, Reggaeton, etc. While execution is formalized in the music editing software, affording more originality in their presentations. 
Years later triggers the desire to produce their own music which makes a DJ Ronny Santana producer of electronic music today, achieving part of several record labels Worldwide electronic sales, as Oceanic Recordings, Roraima Records, Intellect Records, Fire Beats Records, Melodic Records, HMSPlatino, Intermusic Records Glam Records Armor Records.
Note that this Dj has played in different parts of Venezuela, electronic records environments in Latin sites, private parties, CORPORATE, concerts, National has been in the company of great artists of electronic music and
Latin, Getting support and professionalism the music field.
In 2009 created a website with the intent to promote DJs and singers and in turn music from various genres of music, is called by the name of, it is responsible for projecting through streaming live DJs.Getting responsiveness and support nationally and internationally.
In late 2009 lies at the Disco Privilege New Age (Maracay). 
For 2010 continues with the production of electronic music and non-commercial, continues to coordinate the web afterhoursvenezuela musical promotional purposes and entertainment.
In the Middle of this year he is happy sharing the stage with important artists in the electronica scene and Latinos environments where once again demonstrates ethics and professionalism.
Currently holds its genres and productions Club House, Tech House, Minimal, Minimal Techno, Techno, Tribal House, Electro House, among others ...
Web Radio Coordinator:
Professional DJ
DjRonnySantana / djronnysantana
Your Style:
Club House, Tech House, Minimal Techno, Techno, Progressive, Tribal House, Electro House,
Dutch House, Funky House and Trance.
Without ignoring their genres employed in private parties such as salsa, merengue, reggaeton.
Privilege New Age (Maracay), Privilege (San Cristobal), Beer Night, Club Rio,
Club Casa Portuguesa (San Diego), El Brasero club (San Fernando de Apure), Versatile, 
La Fortaleza Disco, Club of the Guard Paraiso, Metropolitan Club, Social Club Paradise,
Club Pom Pom, O'vertigo Club, Il 'Forchettone Tasca, Aeon San Ignacio, La Asuncion,
Exodus, Punto G (Boca de Uchire), Status, Cotton Club, Shadow Disc , 
Maktub (San Signed de Apure), CCMetropolis Chamoteka (valencia), CCCity Market, 
City Day Disco, Disco Badu, Babylon Disco (London), Italo Club (San Fernando de Apure),
Social Club of Paraiso, Via de Escape Disco, Mr Ghost (San Fernando de Apure),
PGV (San Juan de los Morros) Barranquito Club, City Center (Puerto Ayacucho),
the Cotorros Club, Club Sofa, Club Coco Frio, La Yuvense Disco,
Fairs San Sebastian (san Cristobal).
DJ Ronny Santana has shared with Great DJs of electronic music:
Dj Roswell A.K.A. Raul G, Dj Frank, Dj Hector Patty, Dj Hector Gamez, DJ Dio Zambrano,
Pedro Gil Dj, Dj Arthur Gomez, DJ Javier Merchan, Eduardo Javith Dj, Dj Nacho Huet,
Michel Lawrence Dj, Dj Deivi Electronic, Dj Engelh, DJ Javid Ghersi, Dj Miguel Gesture,
Dj Franco Santilli, Dj Mike, Dj Angel Player, Dj Raul Marquez, Folixx Dj, Dj Henry Quintero,
Dj Maikol Robles, Maha Smith Dj, Dj Frank Valency, Tekila Dj, Dj Dorian, DJ Mauro,
Richard Dj, Dj Cypress.
DJ Ronny Santana has shared with DJs Big Latin Music:
Dj Carly, Guasasa Dj, Dj Mark Dj Jordy the master, Dj Carlitos Bronco, black Norberto Dj,
Dj Nery Jones, Rosmel Dj, Dj Slow Motion, Branchez Dj Luis, Dj toto show the men, Edwin Dj,
Dj Junior Oriak, DJ Jackson, DJ Keil.

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