Zdenko Lörinc a.k.a LSDee is fresh talented drum & bass producer from Slovakia. 

He founded his specific feelings and way to the music in very young age and he decided to develope and learn as much as possible. 
He started learning working with Fruity Loops which he loves so he is still using it.
In the beginning he was collaborating with Magneto (IM3) and he developed their production skills.
At first it was hip hop music and in 2006 he discovered electronic music, especially

Drum and Bass. 
In 2006 he started creating music independently.
DJ-ing has been directing since 2008 and has played to this day.
His specialty is Jump Up Clownstep, and especially hard techstep wobble bass.
In 2009 he joined Nudance Music crewwww.nudance.sk which is involved in growing music, especially broken beats - drum&bass, dubstep, breakbeat, bass, grime, autonomic, jungle, dancehall, dub, reggae, wonky, 2step, uk garage, dubtech and other new music.
Under the auspices Nudance Crew does own shares dnb called Dread The Undead.
Favorite Producers:
Hazard, Erb N Dub, Zodiac, Sub Zero, Sensa, Modified Motion, KG, Bassline Terrorist,
Tantrum Desire, Micky Finn, Modified Motion, Callide, Dirtyphonics, Majistrate and Nicol,

Taxman, Xample, DJ Pleasure, Nero, Aphrodite, Bladerunner, DJ Panik and others ... 
His biggest dream is to stand alongside Tantrum Desire, which in terms of production literally love it.
Audio, Lixx, Ni-Gazz, Exorcist, Dj Katcha, MC Katrin, IM3, Streetroll, F@tsound, Deliquentz,
Infect-ed, Majkl Kelso, Soundspeech, Lady SU, MC Carry, Kesho, Kaffu, Disorder, Yzotop,


Essential Clubbers is a non-profit organisation donations for our future progress is very much appreciated enjoy the music!!!!

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