Just another Beat Junkie hooked on Progressive House and Electronic melodies that elevate

my mind and soul to another level of conciseness. 

With a collection that started with my rare 80’s Vinyl’s in a few crates and now I am maintaining a Terabyte of digital bliss and mixing it up for pleasure and friends to enjoy.


This is for the purpose of promoting the copyrighted work of my favorite artists by means of a "Mix" under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike, I claim no ownership of any of the tracks contained within. 

No individual tracks are hosted and if you wish for your material to be removed from a mix, please contact and it will be removed from the site immediately. 

All materials are removed permanently after a designated time and no money has ever been or is made from this blog. 

If you are a consumer and enjoy the material that you have downloaded, please support the artist by purchasing the CD, DVD and/or MP3/AAC files.

Thank you kindly...




Essential Clubbers is a non-profit organisation donations for our future progress is very much appreciated enjoy the music!!!!

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