Tech house is a subgenre of house music that mixes elements of techno with house music. The term tech house developed as a short-hand record store name for a category of electronic dance music that combined musical aspects of techno, such as "rugged basslines" and "steely beats," with the harmonies and grooves of progressive house.[1][2] The music originally had a clean and minimal production style that was associated with techno from Detroit and the UK.[2] In the mid to late 1990s a scene developed in England around club nights such as Heart & Soul, and Wiggle, the latter run by Terry Francis and Nathan Cole.[1] Other DJs and artists associated with the sound at that time included Charles WebsterBushwacka!Dave AngelHerbert, Funk D'Void, Ian O'Brien, Derrick Carter, and Stacey Pullen.[1][2] By late 2000 London nightclub The End, owned by one timeShamen rapper Richard West (Mr C) and Laylo Paskin, was considered the home of tech house in the UK. [1]


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