The DJ and producer AlterNate is an alter ego persona created by Nathan Boardman who was born in Bangkok, Thailand, and moved to the UK in 1997. 

He first experienced DJing during 2000 / 2001, when a friend bought a cheap (£100) all in one CD mixer from ARGOS, from that one experience he begged his dad for a set-up, stressing that it must be vinyl decks. 

Sure enough that's what he got for his birthday, a Citronic mixer (no EQs), 1 Skytronic turntable, 2 CD walkmans (no pitch control) and a bunch of unwanted records, but this was enough to get things going. 

After messing arround on the decks for a month or so (with no one to teach him) he discovered dance music, in the form of Hard House, and soon found a demo of Dance E-Jay which allowed him to arrange loops and make music, this opened his eyes to the possiblity of making his own tracks and began to clog up the home computer with FL Studio 4, various sourced samples and some other (cheap an suspect) music making programs. 

After a long period of near silence (not mixing or producing much for over a year) due to a lack of new records and no computer to make music on meant he lost touch (or interest) for some time but this was not to last. 

A new computer eventually appeared in 2009 and if that wasn't enough to reignite interest, he was also given a Digital Vinyl System (by his loving GF) which prompted him to get controllers and accessories to evolve and improve his style. 

Thus from this new style AlterNate was created... 

AlterNate is now mixing and producing House and Techno that is highly influenced by the Detroit and San Fransisco dance music scene. 

The productions are a mixture of Tech experiments and party tunes with a dash of humor and his DJing style is big and boomy tunes whilst blurs the lines between mixing and producing, incorporating synths (hardware and soft ware), Electronic hand drumming, pre sequencing material and launching samples, he tries every thing, even sequencing beats on the fly using a PSP console... 

Discover the AlterNate sound.

Checkout my videos: 


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