Founded in spring 2007 this solo project started out to release some underground dance tunes on the www. the roots and influences reach back to the early 80ies. 
Bands like: 
Alien Sex Fiend, 
The Sisters Of Mercy, 
David Bowie , 
The Cure,
and not to forget the magnificent kraftwerk were the most played on his stereo. 
1986 he stumbled into a Detroit style Tech party and got infected by it right away. 
The 90ies were stuffed with wild Goa style and Techy parties all over Europe and the US. 
Beside that EBM and Industrial has never been out of sight. 
Early next decade and the following years he began to transform all these impressions into his own creations and gave birth to the sound you can experience today. ...stay tuned, get wild, sometimes shocked , or lost in imagination driven by H.R. into funky darkness...



Essential Clubbers is a non-profit organisation donations for our future progress is very much appreciated enjoy the music!!!!

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