My biography in a compressed form so as not to bore...

25 years of experience as a Dj, in T.V., radio, graphics, cinema and production make Mariano a complete DJ in many areas. 

Ex resident in European summers in Barmacy, one of the most exclusive places in the island called IOS (Greece), he is owner of his own label Santos Recordings and he simultaneously edits in 5 other record labels, manager of his ex agency & manager of his ex radio ADNalternative which was one of the icons of electronic online radios, now for over two years he is on an unstoppable world tour and has played music in countries such as:

Hungary, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Colombia, Brazil, Perú, Argentinaand Chile.

He is also part of the production of diverse radios all over the world, in cities such as: 

London (UK), Mar del Plata (ARG),Pinamar (ARG), Gesell (ARG), San Cayetano (ARG), 

San Bernardo (ARG), Necochea (ARG), Bucaramanga (Colombia), Medellín (Colombia), 

Villa de Soto, Córdoba (ARG), Istanbull (Turkey),Paris (France), Lincoln, Bs As (ARG), 

Holland, La Calera , Chicago (USA), Casablanca (Morocco), Rabat (Morocco), 

Buenos Aires (ARG), and more...

He has two marked musical styles depending on the type and duration of each set, performing nights as resident with sets of between 4 and 8 hours he plays different forms which go from tech house to techno, but usually his sets are basically techno averaging 3 hours of duration.


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