He started playing at 16 years old at a club called Binomio in Vic (Barcelona) with his great friend DJ Victor D'plane (Soofy Group). 

There, he played with deejay's reputation as Sergio Patricio (La Terrazza, Discotheque),

Oscar Egoista (Fritz Fresh Club).

 After that, he decided to try new styles to continue evolving in search of their own tendencies. 

At 18 years old, he started her journey in music techno and get a residence hall at the legendary Le Rachdinge "sharing Djosep cabin, where he met some legendary electronic music as Richie Hawtin, Surgeon, Etc. 

At succeed as a resident in that club, opened the doors in Catalonia in order to be recognized and become one of the pioneers of the country.

 The following year he began a major step as a resident of the club "L'eix Club " becaming a young promise and a model for the DJ's amateurs. 

In that club he was next to professionals like Angel Molina, Paco Osuna, Oscar Mulero, Chris Liberator, D.A.V.E. The Drummer, Pascal Kleiman, Geezer, Colin Dale, Marco Lenzi,

Mark Broom, Etc. 

After a little time, he started as a resident of Soofy Group Gerona (Mas De Nit, Cathedral, Provisional), of Group Madness (Ypic Merci), of "The Parties allstars", where he was bimonthly resident in Pacha Barcelona ,and of the tour that took him to play on "Totoloco (Beziers, France), " Alfterclub "(London)," Musikmesse (Frankfurt, Germany), "Winter Music Conference (Miami, USA), El Divino (Ibiza), San Sebastian, Memphis (Manresa), D & D (Sabadell) Etc. Sharing the cabin with Xavi Rabarte, Miquel Molina, Julio Navas, David Amo, Dominique Costa, Joey Plastyc, Paco Maroto, Andre Vincenzo, Frank Morin, Javi Mula, Sergi Domene, Jobani, Juanra, Les Schmitz, Rebeka Brown, Lydia Sanz, Etc.

 After many years, he didn't enjoy enough playing and he started studying for audio engineer to make his own studio and record and expand their horizons. 

He ended his studies in December 2008 and he has already started with the study (partyislife studio) and music (partyislife productions). 

In the same period he has started at a new stage as resident sound technician in the "Sala Bac Art "which he is sharing cabin with: 

Robert Lamart (Florida 135), Miguel Mendoza, Stacey Pullen, Rolando, Frank Kvitta, 

Cristian Varela, Dj Bold, Dj Lukas,...

In 2010 leaves the "Sala Bac Art" and direct (temporarily) to re-focus on electronics production.


1. 10 Years of professional deejay 

2. 5 Years of sound technician (Backroom, Direct Sound) 
3. EMP Electronic Music Producer (Sae) 
4. 9 years organizing events. 
5. AU, Audio Engineering 


1. Deejay and producer 

2. Own professional production studio (Studio Partyislife) 
3. Resident in "Sala Bac Art" 
4. Sound technician (Sala Bac Art, direct, etc.).
5. Own Stamps: Atek (Hard Techno) allstars (Tech-House) 

6. Own label (Partyislife Productions) 
7. Creator of the collective rave "Insert Sound" (style of music: hard techno, hard tek, Drum'n Bass). 

8. Director of the festival and booking artists allstars


Essential Clubbers is a non-profit organisation donations for our future progress is very much appreciated enjoy the music!!!!

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