Ash aka MashUp and head honcho of Mash-Up Recordings started out when he attended a warehouse rave back in 2002 and of course got hooked on what he had been a part of that night, which drove him to wanting to Produce and Mix music.

The real move began in 2003 when he got him self some old style sound lab belt drive turntables and started to get into mixing music ... Mainly Hardcore & Trance to begin with! 

But like many others he got that taste for Dark Evil Harder baselines ... Like Hard Dance & Hard Trance. 

Now being comfy and well settled in the hard baseline music MashUp is now producing his own Hard Dance & Hard Trance tunes Often Fusing the two together to create a truly evil formula. 

Check back in the near future for many things from Dj MashUp Exclusive tracks and mixes :)

If you would like to contact DJ MashUp please use the following Email address:



Highgate, Gouryella, Dave the Drummer, Chris Liberator, Lisa lashes, Organ Donnors, 

Scott Project, BK, LOUK, Scott Atrill, Technoboy, The Prophet, Lady Dana, Cally & Juice & Many more non dance music artists that have given me a very Broad vision of what i like in music :) 


Hard Dance is an umbrella term that refers to the grouping of modern electronic dance music genres. 

The term usually includes genres such as UK Hard House, Hard NRG, Hard Trance, and Hardstyle. 

The BPM for these genres typically ranges from 140-160BPM, and consists of a 4x4 rhythm (specifically four-on-the-floor). 

It is not uncommon for the term 'Hard Dance' to be associated with other Rave music genres such as Freeform, Hardcore, Techno, and some Psy Trance. 

This however is a matter of opinion. 

'Hard Dance' is typically an Underground musical movement, one which breaks away from the British cheeseboard of Pop Dance music. 

It is hard to describe 'Hard Dance', as it consists of the four main genres mentioned above. 

Hard House and Hard NRG typically consist of more bouncy beats, and uplifting basslines (typically not in the Pop Dance cheese style). 

These two genres are very melodically orientated. 

Hard Trance and Hardstyle however, are much more percussive, with large heavy kickdrums, and dirty basslines. 

This is a particularly predominant approach with Hardstyle. 

Concerning origin, the Hard House scene started in Britain in the 1990s, with artists such as Tony De Vit, the Hard NRG scene is also a British movement, and is a direct offshoot of Hard House, Hard NRG is typically harder than Hard House, but however has the same style and feel to it. 

Hard Trance and Hardstyle however, originate from the European underground, with artists such as Kamui and Headhunterz. 

In some cases the defining lines between these genres is very blurred, however there are some simple differences. 

Hard Trance has more repetitive basslines, and is more melodically orientated than Hardstyle, but not in the sense of mainstream trance.


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