DJ Lhotse lives in Rio de Janeiro and started his DJ career 
at 14 years old. 
He has a Classic Guitar certificate and, today, has a weekly Radio  
Show on Trance FM: TrancendenceJorge Niny aka DJ Lhotse, was  
born in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. 
At 14 started DJing in school and birthday parties , soon switching up to  
clubs, also anchoring his own program at Imprensa FM Radio. 
With 18 years old, decided to study music - classic guitar and piano.  
Later, built a professional recording studio, which was crowded  by  
great Brazilian music names such Fagner, Elba Ramalho,  
Nelson Gonçalves. 
In 2006, watching internet videos, went into something that  
would change his life. 
It was Tiesto´s "Just Be". From there, he turned to dedicate himself for  
DJing and Production. 
Nowadays, he has at the Dutch radio a winner weekly  
show, Trancendence, one of the most quoted radio sets, not just by the  
station rating system but also for the great audience and for the high 
quality of the tracks selection and transitions. 
Under the labels Eyereflex Records and  NU Communicate Records, he  
is producing Trance music and also writing soundtracks for cinema and  
publicity in Brazil. 
DJ Lhotse is part of a selected trance music professionals group in Brazil  
with abroad recognition.

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